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4” Round Ultra Durable Self-Sealing Gun Target

Who We Are & What We Do

Hopshot Self sealing targets are a product of Billygoat LLC. We are a small group of creative product people with over hundred combined years of product development. Our expertise covers fields such as toys, sporting goods, exercise equipment and textiles. Hopshot targets are one of our latest well thought out, people tested items we are confident Target shooters around the world will enjoy.

Why Hopshot?

Hopshot self seal Target balls are designed like no other on the market. These target balls are the first self sealing target balls made from a special formulated EVA foam (Popfoam UD), ultra durable. We have worked closely with the Popfoam factory over the last two years developing this patent pending product.

What makes this target ball special is it’s lightweight mass which makes it truly pop, dance, and jump. Other self sealing targets are made of a heavier polymer resulting in less movement when hit. This lighter foam formulation reacts to lower caliber bullets, even pellets. This ball might get ugly over time but it will hold up to more than a thousand hits.

Hopshot Targets can be used by simply tossing out to a safe distance and free balling, chase it around with each shot. If you prefer less chasing, tether to ground with a cord or tie off two or three balls together with a cord. The Hopshot ball is also challenging when hung from a tree/bush or stand with a cord. Be creative with partner target games such as first to cross a designated line or number of shots to do so. These balls even float.
Hopshot targets are currently being produced in Taiwan by Popfoam (, a US company with a factory in Taiwan. Popfoam is currently setting up a manufacturing facility in the USA 🇺🇸 where these Hopshot Target balls will be produced in the near future.

Virtually Indestructible

Lions don’t have anything on these! (We literally fed it to lions)

  • Target Self Heals Upon Impact
  • They Fly, Bounce, Roll, & Run every time they are shot - Never the same Shot twice
  • Handles 1,000+ rounds
  • Handles .22LR - .50 Caliber Rifles

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